Tokaj Classic Winery Ltd., Hungary


Tokaji Natur Essencia

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Alcohol content: 3.0% by Vol
Sugar free extract: 98.9 g/L
Residual sugar: 448 g/L
Acidity: 11.2 g/L
Sulfur (SO2):   340 mg/L
Bottle size: 375 mL
Calories: 196 cal per 100 mL
Varieties: 100% Furmint
Harvest time: Oct. 1 - Nov. 25 2007
Origin: Mád, Király and Betsek
Character: Extremely concentrated acidity gives a backbone to its immense sweetness. Flavors of apricot, dried tropical fruit, honey. One of the greatest vintages of the century. This is the ultimate product man can make from grapes. Traditionally, essencia was reserved exclusively for nobility.
Soil: Clay topsoil, with volcanic, high lime, iron subsoil containing rhiolite, trachyte, andesite and zeolite substances. Moisture is present in tufa rocks. Added soil compounds laid down through ancient fumaroles, lend a powerfully rich, complex minerality to the wine.
Cellar technology: Hand-picked, noble-rot berries collected in large vats. Pressed under its own weight, minute amounts of free-run juice is later transferred to small barrels. Due to the extremely high sugar, slow fermentation was effected after a span of 6 years, reaching 3% alcohol. Only 180 L were made.
Storage: 40-liter glass balloons at a temperature of 12 degrees C.
Lifespan: Unlimited storage
Closure: Natural cork with red wax seal