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Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos

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Alcohol content: 11.5% by Vol
Sugar free extract: 42.7 g/L
Residual sugar: 167.8 g/L
Acidity: 7.1 g/L
Sulfur (SO2):   325 mg/L
Bottle size: 500 mL
Calories: 131 cal per 100 mL
Varieties: 60% Furmint, 30% Hárslevelű, 10% Muscat Lunel
Harvest time: From early October until end of November
Origin: Mád, Király and Betsek
Character: Its racy and concentrated acidity gives a backbone to its immense sweetness. Flavors of apricot, dried tropical fruit, orange marmalade.
Soil: Clay topsoil, with volcanic, high lime, iron subsoil containing rhiolite, trachyte, andesite and zeolite substances. Moisture is present in tufa rocks. Added soil compounds laid down through ancient fumaroles, lend a powerfully rich, complex minerality to the wine.
Cellar technology: Hand-picked noble rot berries. Commencement of primary fermentation process for the base wine lasting from October 12 2013 until the end of November 2013.
Storage: Constant temperature of 12.8°C and 80% humidity, in small 135-L oak Tokaj cask. Secondary fermentation: two years, followed by nine months resting time in casks; purification with bentonite and completion by bottling in December 2016.
Lifespan: Unlimited storage
Closure: Natural cork with red capsule
Comments: Berlin Wine Trophy 2021 Gold