Tokaj Classic Winery Ltd., Hungary


Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos "QuintEssence"

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Alcohol content: 9.5% by Vol
Sugar free extract: 47.3 g/L
Residual sugar: 321.3 g/L
Acidity: 6.66 g/L
Sulfur (SO2):   175 mg/L
Bottle size: 500 mL
Calories: 181 cal per 100 mL
Varieties: 50% Furmint, 50% Muscat Lunel
Harvest time: From early October until end of November
Origin: Mád, Juharos and Betsek
Character: A star is born. Exemplary weather conditions created a rare phenomena with normally early harvested Yellow Muscat achieving botrytis status in late summer. Tones of peach, apricot and acacia honey are already present. What flavours will develop at its zenith, is impossible to predict. A "prodigy".
Soil: Weathered zeolite with crumbly pumic tuff. Volcanic reolite tuff, hard tuff mixed with yellow and red clay.
Cellar technology: Hand-picked noble rot berries. Commencement of primary fermentation process for the base wine lasting from October 2018 until the end of November 2018.
Storage: Constant temperature of 12.8°C and 80% humidity, in small 135-L oak Tokaj cask. Secondary fermentation: two years; followed by nine months resting time in casks; purification with bentonite and completion by bottling in August 2022.
Lifespan: Unlimited storage
Closure: Natural cork with red wax seal
Comments: Berlin Wine Trophy 2024 Grand Gold