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Hungarian Dry Whites? Forge Ahead

By ERIC ASIMOV (Published: February 24, 2009) The New York Times writes about us in “The Pour” section: Still, in an Indian restaurant I managed to find a 10-year-old bottle of dry Furmint from Tokaj Classic, and its delicate floral flavors complemented the spicy food beautifully.

Asian Fusion, via the Wine List

The New York Times writes about us: The big surprise for me, though, was a dry white Hungarian wine, a 1999 from Tokaj Classic. It was made from the furmint grape, which is better known in Hungary’s lusciously sweet tokays, but this was delicate, floral and just right with a tart chicken curry dish.

Gift Idea for Tokaj Aszu and Foie Gras

The ideal way to end any week – in all 52 cases: If you are interested in having these, please contact SBS Musik und Wein OHG, Germany (see contact). Note that this is exclusively available to our European customers.